Diva #170: UMT – a BUGLEsplosion

EEk…some tangles just don’t talk to me like others until they are on the paper! I was so sure about this one…seemed a bit too …griddy…for me after a week of a lot of knightsbridge.

But…here it is…

Busy busy busy this week. Getting ready to leave on vacation and then heading to Providence for CZT.

24 thoughts on “Diva #170: UMT – a BUGLEsplosion

  1. Wow Charlotte, I never would have thought to have done this tangle like this… this is very creative and I love it.. thanks so very much for sharing… Love, Light and Peace…Bonnie


  2. I am thinking of taking a pass on this challenge, at least until it speaks to me 😉
    I usually don;t look at other challenge tiles until I have finished mine, but I have to see if anyone was seeing something I wasn't. You did! It's a great take on it.


  3. Ken, I do the same thing. I wasn't thrilled with this tangle, but I kind of forced myself to start. I can usually coax one out if I pull out the Ren Tan tiles (my favorite) and make a mark on the tile. I then, of course, feel obligated to work on it. Thanks so much!


  4. Wow – love your take on bugles glad you stayed with it – would not have wanted to miss seeing this one. You're going to have a great time in Providence – believe it or not you already are one of the “big kids” no need to worry about that!


  5. This is really nice. Love the shading. BTW – I'm headed to June 15th seminar with Janet Masey of Tiki Tangles. Leaving San Diego early on 15th. Which one are you going to? Suzanne was our CZT also!


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